Holy Apostles Orthodox Church
2668 Church St, Winterville, NC
General Assembly on Sunday

Dear Parishioners,


I hope this message finds you filled with Joy and anticipating in faith the upcoming celebration of Christ’s birth!  

On Sunday we will be holding our annual general assembly meeting and luncheon – the agenda is included at the bottom of this message. The day will begin with the Divine Liturgy at 10 am– we should finish around 11:15 am and then promptly begin the general assembly.  I hope to finish in one hour and then we will share lunch and fellowship leaving you all the better part of the day to complete your weekend chores or enjoy your Sunday.  If you would like to bring a dish to pass or a dessert – please do so. The parish council will also be providing food and drinks and a main course.  


As you know, Holy Apostles has undergone some transformation over the past months. Noteworthy changes include: a brand new Sunday School and SS superintendent, regular services every Sunday in Winterville and new catechumen’s seeking to learn more about the Orthodox faith and joining our community.   There are many more exciting things happening at Holy Apostles and we hope to discuss those as well as your own ideas on how to improve the mission in 2020 and beyond. So please, attend and share you thoughts and energy with us as we prepare to enter into what we hope will be Holy Apostle’s best year ever.


As a church family, we should strive to be healthy: spiritually, financially and physically.  The church fulfills two of these aspirations and certainly influences the third but we need your help to continue to do so. This year – because of the changes described above, our expenses have also changed.  We can no longer get by week to week with candle offerings and donations from only those attending on any particular Sunday. Furthermore, no healthy parish can hope to grow with proceeds from fundraising events alone.    As with any organization, we will need a more reliable and predictable stream of income so that we can fulfill our financial obligations and plan for the future.  As such, on Sunday, we will be asking all parishioners to fill out a pledge form and commit to whatever they can so we can plan for the year.  If you are a regular member, an occasional attendee or an estranged Orthodox Christian seeking an opportunity to reinvigorate your faith, please attend on Sunday to show your support of our parish, to learn about what is happening and to commit whatever resources you are able so that Fr. Paul and the mission can continue to spread and expand the “true teachings” of Orthodox Christianity across eastern North Carolina.


This year, God has blessed us with a sincere, committed and enthusiastic spiritual leader in Fr. Paul – we enter the New Year hopeful that together we can take our parish to the next level under his leadership and guidance.  If you haven’t yet met him, make it a point to attend this Sunday and share with us you fellowship, faith and friendship.  Most of all thank you for your ongoing support of our mission church and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!




The Holy Apostles Parish Council


Agenda for Holy Apostles General Assembly – Sunday December 15th, 2019  11:30 am – 12:30 am

Spiritual State of the Union – Fr. Paul
State of the Union – Manny Zervos
Secretary’s report – Margo Hanlon
Treasurer’s report and Budget 2020 / vote – Liz Maravelas
Stewardship chair report – Roseanne Six
Sunday school / education report – Mary Ellen Van Marter
Website update - Holden
New business – group
12:30 - Adjourn for food and fellowship.

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