Holy Apostles Orthodox Church
2668 Church St, Winterville, NC
News Bulletin and Home Blessings

Within the Orthodox faith, the family is considered to be a small church.  During the days following the Feast of the Theophany (January 6th), it is customary for the Priest to visit the homes of his parishioners, bringing with them the “Jordan Water” for the traditional Home Blessing. 

In the next few weeks, I encourage you to invite me to bless you and your family.  Please sign-up to have your home blessed via email, text, telephone or in person after the liturgy this Sunday.  Some suggested times are listed below.  You may contact me with any questions. 

In anticipation of my arrival, all the lights in the home should be turned off as well as tv’s, computers, radios, etc.    A candle with an icon should be placed in a suitable place, such as kitchen or dining room table, or a home altar.    A clearly printed list of the Baptismal names of the members of the household should also be prepared.

The sanctification of the home takes place with prayer and the sprinkling of holy water. In my annual visit, I’ll be asking God to have mercy on your family and home, to rid it of every evil and to fill it with every blessing.  I’ll be praying and sprinkling holy water for a blessing on each room.  When we’ve gone through the entire house, we’ll gather again around the table for prayer and the blessing of each person present.

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